Avoid potholes and vacuums in Hamster Chase on iOS, Android

Plenty of mobile games fall into the level-based puzzle genre, but it's still a bit of a rarity to find one that combines solving puzzles with tilting your iOS or Android device to control the game via the accelerometer. Such is the case with Gamieon's Hamster Chase, which offers 100 levels that see you guiding hamsters around maze-like levels to collect food.

In each level, you'll tilt your device to control the hamsters, as their balls rolls from one corner of the screen to the other, avoiding obstacles like spinning tops, holes in the floor, rotating switches and more. The faster you clear a level, the more coins you'll earn. These coins can then be spent to skip harder levels as you progress. With multiple hamsters to control across the game's storyline, each character will eventually encounter boss fights with the villain of Hamster Chase, the mean black cat named Sour Puss.


Outside of the main game, players can watch their furry new friends in a virtual hamster cage, and they'll be able to share their progress via Facebook and Twitter integration. While the full version of Hamster Chase on iOS costs $0.99, the free, ad-supported version can be upgraded into the full version for free by utilizing these social media outlets. The Android version, however, is completely free.

If you'd like to learn more about Hamster Chase, check out the screenshots or trailer below, or simply download the free version of the game on your smart device of choice.

Download Hamster Chase Free on iOS >

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Have you tried Hamster Chase? What do you think of the game's accelerometer based controls? Sound off in the comments!

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