DeNA goes retro with 8-bit mobile adventure D.O.T. Defender of Texel


While many of DeNA's most successful and most recent games have come in the card collecting genre, the company's newest Mobage offering, D.O.T. Defender of Texel, is a full-on fantasy adventure, allowing players to jump back to a time when graphics weren't as important and gameplay was everything.

D.O.T. Defender of Texel sees players taking on the role of a hero as they save the land of Texel from a robotic invasion throughout a world that previously had to concept of death or war. As they collect new gear and complete battles, players will work to save the many tribes of Texel and open a portal back to reality and peace. Available on both iOS and Android, D.O.T. looks to combine Pokemon-style character evolution with battles that see players swiping their fingers across the screen to choose symbols and attack.


Players will earn rewards from fallen enemies, can travel to towns and interact with villagers, complete boss fights and even take part in player-vs-player combat outside of the main story.
"With D.O.T., we applied everything we learned from our experience developing Blood Brothers and Ninja Royale and infused the game with new game mechanics and a special art design style," said Kenji Kobayashi, executive games director at DeNA, via a company release. "This game hits the sweet spot between retro visuals and unexpected delights, and we're pleased to offer consumers a new kind of high-fantasy mobile adventure game."

You can now download D.O.T. Defender of Texel for free on both Android or iOS, or just check out the screenshots and trailer for more info.

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Have you tried D.O.T. on your favorite mobile device? How do you think the game compares to the 8-bit fantasy RPGs of old? Sound off in the comments!