ChefVille 'The Secret Admirer' Quests: Everything you need to know


As Valentine's Day is the next major holiday on our calendars, it makes sense that we'd see Zynga release limited edition content in ChefVille to celebrate. What we didn't expect however, was for that Valentine's Day event to roll out so soon. Such is the case though, as eager chefs can now get a jumpstart on the season of love by helping Madeline figure out who her secret admirer could be. You've received a free "Romance Stove" to start this event, and there are four quests in the "Secret Admirer" series to finish as well. We're here with a look at these quests to get you started.

Cooking Up Romance

  • Place the Romance Stove

  • Place and Build a Love Garden

  • Harvest 2 Eggplant from the Love Garden

The Romance Stove comes fully built, and as with most event appliances, you'll be able to cook dishes for "Love Letters," rather than Mastery Stars. There are 42 Love Letters in all, so it's likely we'll see another appliance released in this Valentine's Day event before all is said and done. As it stands, the Love Garden costs 20 Reputation Hearts in the store, and it takes three energy to unwrap. You'll then need to collect two Sentimental Soils, two Lover's Knots and three Couple's Baskets to finish it off. The Sentimental Soil and Lover's Knots can be earned via general news posts placed on your wall, while the Couple's Baskets are earned through individual requests sent to your neighbors.

After the Love Garden has been constructed, you can collect from it six times, once every 60 seconds. You'll receive multiple Eggplant or Asparagus each time you collect from the Love Garden, so you'll likely only need to collect from it once to finish this quest. Finishing this quest gives you four Roasted Artichoke Hearts, 10 XP and 20 coins.

Mood Music

  • Cook 5 Romantic Eggplant Ratatouille

  • Give 6 Chef's Services with Sirloin Beef Burgundy

  • Have 6 Romantic Sheet Music

The Romantic Sheet Music can be earned by posting a general news item to your wall. The two dishes, meanwhile, can be prepared inside the Romantic Stove. The Romantic Eggplant Ratatouille requires two Eggplant, one Garlic and one Salt to prepare, and it cooks in just two minutes. Meanwhile, the Sirloin Beef Burgundy requires two Sirloin Beef, two Mushrooms and three Onions to prepare. It also takes an hour to cook, so it's best to complete the Eggplant Ratatouille task first before starting this dish. You'll receive five Long Grain Rice, 15 XP and 25 coins when you complete this quest.

The Way to a Heart

  • Serve 4 Poetic Provencal Asparagus

  • Tend 8 Neighbors' Tomato Plants

  • Cook 6 Dishes with Eggplant

The "Poetic Provencal Asparagus with Tomato" dish can be cooked inside the Romantic Stove using two Asparagus, two Tomatoes and one Pepper. It takes just five minutes to cook. Meanwhile, you'll likely need to purchase and build additional Love Gardens to complete the Eggplant requirement for this quest, with each being available for another 20 Reputation Hearts in the store. Each also requires the same energy to unwrap and the same building materials to complete, so it's best to start working on additional Love Gardens as soon as you can, even if your stock of Eggplants isn't completely gone.

To the One I Love

  • Give VIP Services 6 Times

  • Have 8 Romantic Stationary

  • Earn 2 Love Letters on the Romantic Eggplant Ratatouille

The VIP Services are roses that are handed out to earn recommendations. You can earn three roses every few hours from your Rose Stand, so long as you remember to collect them. You can also ask your friends to send you roses directly if you're currently out. As for the Romantic Stationary, this is earned by posting a general request to your news feed. These quests will only be available for the next six days, but it's likely that the entire Valentine's Day event will explode with more content into the future. Stay tuned for more!
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What do you think of this early arrival of the Valentine's Day event in ChefVille? Have you already started earning Love Letters from these dishes? Sound off in the comments!