CityVille 2: Play CoasterVille for free theme park rewards


If you're looking for a way to add some summer fun to your CityVille 2 town to help your citizens through the cold winter months, you can now do just that via the CoasterVille cross-promotion which has just launched in the game. This cross-promotion will see players that are willing to try CoasterVille rewarded with up to four prizes in CityVille 2, just for continuing to play Zynga's newest theme park game.

Again, there are four prizes in all, given out in waves as you make your way to Level 10 in CoasterVille. As you reach Levels 5, 7, and 10 in CoasterVille, you'll unlock the Hot Dog Stand, a Dinosaur Statue, the "Biggest Ball of Twine" decoration and a Ferris Wheel, all for use in CityVille 2. If you've already started playing CoasterVille for another Zynga cross-promotion, you'll likely need to play CoasterVille again using the link within CityVille 2, in order to make your progress sync across the two games.

If you're having trouble leveling up in CoasterVille, make sure to check out our tips and tricks guide to the game, and add yourself to our CoasterVille Add Me page to earn lots of help from new friends! Remember, these sorts of cross-promotions normally aren't available forever, but if you're willing to reach Level 10 in CoasterVille, you'll end up winning prizes in multiple Zynga games in the long run. It's time well spent! Good luck!

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Had you already started playing CoasterVille before these cross-promotions started rolling out? Will you play CoasterVille for these prizes in CityVille 2? Sound off in the comments!