ChefVille 'Buns Enough at Last' Quests: Everything you need to know


We've already brought you a complete guide to finishing the "Bello's Burger" quests in ChefVille, but as we've learned long ago, nothing in ChefVille is ever as simple as it initially appears. No, there's actually another burger-themed quest series to complete in ChefVille as well, bringing the Sesame Crate to the game. There are three quests to complete in these "Buns Enough at Last" quests, and we're here with a guide to get you started!

Open Sesame Crates

  • Place and Finish a Sesame Crate

  • Collect Sesame Seeds 5 Times

  • Craft Dough 4 Times

A single Sesame Crate can be purchased for 200 coins in the store. It requires three clicks to unwrap along with five Seed Sorters, which can be earned by posting a general request to your wall. Once it's complete, you can collect Sesame Seeds from the Crate once every two minutes. The Crate only allows for five harvests, so you can technically finish this quest within 10 minutes, so long as you have the Dough going as soon as you start as well. A single Dough takes two Flour and one Milk

to create, and it takes just two minutes to prepare. You'll receive three Turkeys, one Paprika and 40 coins for completing this quest.

Hamburger Harmony

  • Place and Build the Burger Bun Station

  • Craft Burger Buns 4 Times

  • Cook Garden Burger 3 Times

The Burger Bun Station can be placed via this quest window and it requires three more energy to unwrap. From there, you'll need to collect four Bun Trays by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. You'll also need four Bun Warmers, four Baking Beauties and four Rising Readiness items, all of which are earned via general news posts on your wall. Meanwhile, single Burger Bun can be created using two Dough, two Sesame Seeds and one Salt, so at least you didn't craft all of that dough in the first quest for nothing. You can purchase additional Sesame Seed Crates from the store whenever you run out, but you'll need to collect five more Seed Sorters to build each one.

Finally, the Garden Burgers can be cooked on the Burger Station using two Burger Buns, three Veggie Patties and five Romaine Lettuce each. There's a catch though, as you must first complete the Patty Station before even unlocking this dish to cook. The Patty Station requires four Storage Tubs, earned by sending out individual requests to friends, along with four Patty Principles, four Shaping Skills and four Seasoning Suggestions. All of these are earned via general news posts on your wall. That's a ton of building required for just one dish, but if you want the rewards for these timed quests, you'll need to complete them all. Finishing this second quest gives you two Veggie Patties, two Marinated Beef and 30 XP.

The Bun Sign

  • Cook Portobello Burger 4 times

  • Ask for 8 Hot Buns Signs

  • Serve Spicy Beef Burger 3 Times

The Spicy Beef Burger requires two Burger Buns, two Paprika and four Beef Patties to prepare every eight hours, while the Portobello Burger isn't available in the first level of the Burger Station. Once we learn more about this dish, we'll make sure to let you know, but in the meantime, start asking your friends for those Hot Buns Signs to make progress while you're waiting.
These quests will only be available for five days, so make sure to dedicate as much time as you can to them, each time you play ChefVille, in order to stand a chance of finishing them all. Good luck!

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