If You Like... Bookworm, you'll fall in wuv with Wordchuck


If you're a fan of casual games, then chances are you've played Bookworm, the PopCap approach to Boggle featuring a cute lead character. Well, we here at Games.com have an exclusive game that's quite similar but features a number of differences. For one, WordChuck stars an adorable, plucky woodchuck that seems to have an affinity for letters.

The play hook is generally the same as other word games of its ilk: Draw lines between tiles with letters on them (each with their own point values) to create as many words as possible within the time limit. But there's a catch to WordChuck: The game is played in real time against other players online.

As you race to find as many words as possible, you can chat with other like-minded gamers, share scores and brag away. It's like every other word game out there, but with even more competition. If you can dig that, click the link below:

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