Zynga supports Toys for Tots to the tune of $745,000


While many Facebook gamers are satisfied playing their favorite Facebook games without spending any real money, when you place a charitable opportunity in front of them, they tend to change their tunes. That's exactly what happened this past holiday season, as Zynga's "Oh What Fun!" campaign raised $745,000 for Toys for Tots, which will provide about 60,000 toys and books to children in need.

It looks like the "Oh What Fun!" promotion was the most successful in FarmVille, as 101,409 Cheer Ewe Up Horses were gifted between friends at a rate of $1 each. Over in Bubble Safari, 9,407 themed bubble packages were purchased, and 17,534 Snow Towers were purchased in the CastleVille promotion. One final stat comes from CityVille, which found players wrapping virtual presents 67,000 times.

All told, the 11 games that offered promotions were supported by over 80,000 players, but this "Oh What Fun" campaign wasn't the only time Zynga opened its profits up to charity in 2012.

Through various promotions in games like Adventure World and FarmVille 2, Zynga's partnership with Water.org resulted in the charity being able to provide a lifetime supply of clean water to 20,655 people from this year's donations alone. Meanwhile, in the AARP Drive to End Hunger event, FarmVille players helped provide more than 700,000 meals to older adults. Finally, the Words with Friends Celebrity Challenge saw $500,000 being donated to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Fund.

Those are some pretty great stats from games that are ultimately free to play, so feel free to give yourselves a pat on the back.

Did you purchase premium charity content in any of Zynga's games throughout 2012? Will you do so again this year? Sound off in the comments!

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