The Sims Social 'Unsinkable Love' Quests: How to finish them fast

The Sims Social Unsinkable Love questsIn The Sims Social, Littlehaven is bustling with excitement. Word has it that Eugene's finally got his time machine to work. Can you imagine the escapades in store for you with his marvelous creation? Go ahead and pay Bella a visit, because the machine's hidden in her backyard. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through your adventure, straight from The Sims Social team at Playfish.

Step 1 – Unsinkable Love Part I
  • Tinker with the Cogsworths Time Machine
  • Grow some tomatoes

Click on the time machine in Bella's backyard and select the option 'Tinker'. You'll need some food for your journey through time, so go ahead and click on empty plots in your Sim's home and grow tomatoes. Rewards: 20 LP, 30 Simoleons, 20 XP, 1 Energy, Metal Bearings

Step 2 – Unsinkable Love Part I
  • Use Time Machine

Visit Bella and click on the time machine and select the option 'Use Time Machine'. Rewards: 30 LP, 30 Simoleons, 25 XP, 1 Energy, Nuts and Bolts

Step 3 – Unsinkable Love Part I
  • Fish For Info
  • Seen Blue Diamonds?

Click on Josh, he's in the boiler room on the T.S.S Unsinkable and select the option 'Fish For Info'. Then go ahead and click on him again and select the option 'Seen Blue Diamonds?' Rewards: 30 LP, 40 Simoleons, 30 XP, 2 Energy, Celebration

Step 4 – Unsinkable Love Part I
  • Stoke Boiler
  • Complete stage one of the Cogsworth Time Machine
  • Collect Nuts & Bolts

Click on the ship's boiler and select the option 'Stoke Boiler'. To complete the first stage of the Cogsworth Time Machine, finish all four steps. To collect Nuts & Bolts, clear sacks or ask friends to send you some. You'll need five Nuts & Bolts. Rewards: 35 LP, 45 Simoleons, 50 XP, 2 Energy, Hapiness

Step 5 – Unsinkable Love Part I
  • Click on the Cargo Bay Door and 'Open' it
  • Collect Metal bearings
  • Complete stage one of the ArcSteam Automobile.

Collect metal bearings by clearing sacks or asking friends to send you some. You need to have three metal bearings. Complete stage one of the ArcSteam Automobile by completing all three steps. Rewards: 40 LP, 50 Simoleons, 60 XP, 3 Energy, Passion

Step 6 – Unsinkable Love Part I
  • Choose an excuse for Josh
  • Complete level 7 on Grandster Master Stove
  • Serve Dinner

Click on the chef and choose an excuse for Josh. Any should do. Then to serve dinner, click on Josh and select the option 'Serve Dinner'. Rewards: 50 LP, 70 Simoleons, 75 XP, 3 Energy, Velvet

Step 7 – Unsinkable Love Part I
  • Complete Stage Two of the ArcSteam Automobile
  • Complete the Cogsworths Time Machine

Complete stage two of the ArcSteam Automobile by completing all five steps. Complete the Cogsworth Time Machine by completing all three stages. Rewards: 60 LP, 80 Simoleons, 85 XP, 4 Energy, Diamond

Step 8 – Unsinkable Love Part I
  • Complete skill up to level 7 Cogsworths Dance Floor
  • Vote For Me
  • Get friends to vote for you as The Lord of the Ocean-Dance

Click on Sims aboard the T.S.S Unsinkable and then select the option 'Vote for Me'. Do this three times. Then go ahead and post a feed and get five friends to click on it.

Collectibles Required:

ArcSteam Automobile:
Wrench (7), Nuts & Bolts (18), Hammer (4), Tyre Pump (1), Rubber Tubing (1), Batteries (5), Circuit Piece (4), Metal Bearings (18), Clues (3), Hint (10), Magnifying Glass (2), Cloth (5), Planks (4), Velvet (17), Romance (15), Deep Thought (10), Logic (5), Fuel Can (5), Relaxation (2), Capacitor (5), Resistor (4), Hope (4), Elbow Grease (13), Idea (4), Steel (11), Spare Parts (5),
Aluminum Scrap (8), Nails (2), Glass (10), Revelation (6), Lighting Components (5), Screws (6), Diamond (6), Paint (7), Admiration (7), PaintBrush (6), Frozen Love (6), Varnish (9), Esteem (8)

Cogsworths Time Machine:
Hammer (1), Nails (3), Wrench (4), Nuts & Bolts (13), Capacitor (5), Resistor (2), Love (1), Goodwill (1), Coffee Beans (1), Circuit Piece (10), Hint (1), Metal Bearings (12), Magnifying Glass (3), Nuclear Ignitor (13), Velvet (10), Newspaper (3), Screws (12), Cloth (4), Batteries (13), Lighting Components (3), Romance (6), Glass (6), Spare Parts (8), Wisdom (3), Logic (4), Fire (3), Lightning bolt (7), Hype (3), Diamond (14), Varnish (3), Elbow Grease (4), Steel (7), Resistor (7), Admiration (6)

Skill up on the Cogsworths Dance Floor:
Celebration (4), Hint (6), Love (6), Dreams (2), Happiness (4), Groove (10), Sheet Music (9), Entertainment (10), Relaxation (3), Buzz (10), Amplifier (11), Wine Glass (7), Fury (3), Childhood Dreams (10), Hype (4), Gym Shoes (14), Idea (8), Play Button (8), Party Hats (7)

Skill up on the Grandster Master Stove:
Roasting Pan (6), Charcoal (1), Butter Pat (2), Love (2), Fire (2), Firewood (5), Fury (3), Saute Pan (5), Leftovers (4), Spice (3), Vanilla (5), Fruit (8), Pastry (6), Skewer (5), Mixing Bowl (3), Admiration (6), Delicious Morsel (6), Grains (4), Cheese (5), Bowl of flour (6), Bread (5), Revelation (9), Hype (6), Skewer (6), Secret Ingredient (2)

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