Temple Run 2 iPad Review

Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2

Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee attempt to escape with the cursed idol and their lives in Temple Run 2, sequel to the immensely popular iOS and Android game that helped kick start the endless running craze. Quite frankly, developer Imangi Studios didn't necessarily evolve the genre, as this newest effort plays almost exactly like the original Temple Run. That being the case, superior visuals and a handful of new elements, combined with familiar controls, should keep fans happy.

Temple Run 2 review
Temple Run 2 review

The core mechanics and basic premise remain intact. With a huge monster in pursuit, you must guide one of the four adventurers through a maze filled with danger, from flames and spinning spiked wheels to perilous drops and rapids. Swipe up to jump, down to slide and left/right to turn in those respective directions. Just make sure you pick up all those gold coins along the way.

Sounds just like Temple Run, but the game manages to stand apart from its predecessor, largely because of the graphics. Whereas the prequel looked crude, this title features more detailed terrain and heroes. To that end, Imangi changed the location from a dank-looking jungle to ruins suspended in the sky, along with creepy mines and a lush forest. It makes the original look pathetic by comparison.

This new location also factors into the gameplay. Right away, you'll hitch a ride on a zip line through the clouds. Following that thrilling intro, take note of the various hills, trick turns , narrow passageways and even mine cart rides, where life literally depends on choosing the right track.

Meanwhile, collecting green gems let you continue from the point of death, and the game also includes a variety of power-ups and upgradeable abilities. To be fair, nothing we haven't seen before, with the usual assortment of shields, coin bonuses and boosts on the power-up side, while abilities allow you to increase the score multiplier and head start, among other things. In the end, more options than Temple Run, but far from original.

This is where Temple Run 2 left us feeling a bit empty. On the positive side, it's the same great experience that captivated millions worldwide, but with more eye candy. Conversely, games like Activision's Pitfall! generated more excitement, thanks to attention-grabbing visuals and interactive elements that involve whipping snakes and riding a motorcycle. So while Temple Run 2 is a quality product, it falls short of being groundbreaking. Regardless, iOS users should send the game rocketing up the App Store charts in record time.

Players can obtain more gems and more coins from Temple Run 2's virtual store, with the following denominations available.

  • Coins: 5,000 ($0.99), 50,000 ($4.99), 150,000 ($9.99), 400,000 ($19.99), Coin Doubler ($4.99)

  • Gems: Five ($0.99), 50 ($4.99), 150 ($9.99), 500 ($19.99)

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What's Hot:
Quality Temple Run experience, exotic location, much improved graphics, four different characters, usual variety of power-ups and abilities.

What's Not:
Does little we haven't seen before.

Score: 4.0/5