Noble Nutlings crosses 600,000 downloads in just two weeks


To say that Boomlagoon is finding success with its first iOS game would be an understatement, as the wacky cart-building game Noble Nutlings has already been downloaded over 600,000 times since its launch on January 9. The folks at Boomlagoon know about success though, as the company was founded by three ex-Rovio developers (yeah, the Angry Birds creator).

"We've heard the game is so compelling, you take it into the bathroom and then totally forget to do your business... talk about a prestigious honor!" said Tuomas Erikoinen, co-founder and lead designer at Boomlagoon, via a company release. "We have been blown away by our game's success so far. To see so many gamers around the world embrace Noble Nutlings has been very humbling."


But why is the game so successful? If you ask us, it's because it's free to play on both iPhone and iPad. With no monetary barrier of entry, gamers of all ages can jump right in and start creating carts with tools and fruit, and can send the game's three zany squirrels flying over hills (and crashing into walls) within minutes. Gamers have done just that too, as over 150 million wooden blocks have been smashed and 20 million TNT boxes have been detonated since the game's launch. Sure, Noble Nutlings may play a lot like Rovio's own Bad Piggies, but Bad Piggies doesn't come for free.

Here are some more interesting facts about Noble Nutlings and its quick rise to success on iOS:

Bathtub crashes = Six million
Finish lines crossed = 8.5 million levels completed
Squirrels screaming excitedly in mid-air = Over 30 million
Acorns collected = over 177 million
Pinky knocked over = 36 million times
Boost tanks used = over 750,000 chili pepper boosts

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