Airbus Publishes New 2013 Airplane Price List


On Thursday, European planemaker Airbus released its official list of prices for all aircraft in its fleet in year 2013. The company noted that prices this year have risen about 3.6% on average versus 2011 levels, and have been effective since January 1, 2013.

Among the more notable figures, Airbus is pricing its conventionally engined A320 narrow-body aircraft at $91.5 million. This compares to Boeing's 737-800 narrow-body, for example, which costs $89.1 million at Boeing's not-yet-updated 2012 price levels.

The new, re-engined A320neo lists at $100.2 million, which is almost identical to the sticker price on Boeing's new 737 MAX 8 aircraft -- $100.5 million.

Among wide-body jets, Airbus's A330-200 jetliner costs $216.1 million on average, and its A330-300 costs $239.4 million. In each case, Airbus's offerings significantly underprice all variants within Boeing's 777 family, the cheapest of which -- the 777-200ER -- averages $258.8 million.

On the other hand, Airbus's three tiers of A350 models fetch prices ranging from $254.3 million all the way up to $332.1 million. Relative to these prices, it's hard to imagine how Boeing's fuel-efficient 787 jets, costing $206.8 million for the 787-8 model and $243.6 million, can lose out on many sales to Airbus.

That is, it will be hard to imagine in the event Boeing can figure out a way to keep its 787s from bursting into flame.

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