Game of the Day: Gold Miner Special Edition


The Gold Rush may be over, but it lives on in virtual form thanks to today's Game of the Day: Gold Miner Special Edition. In each stage of Zylom's colorful little game, you'll need to help a miner earn gold as he sits safely in at the top of the screen. All of the gold rests below him, and all of the real work is up to you, as you'll need to click to send out a claw that will grab anything in its path, regardless of size.

That's both a good and a bad thing, as gold isn't the only thing hiding in the underground soil. Rocks of varying sizes may also fall in your claw's path, and these take much longer for your miner to pull back up to the surface. As each item has a monetary worth, and each level has a monetary goal, these rocks are simply worthless in the grand scheme of things, and they'll waste precious time that is forever ticking down at the side of the screen.

Thankfully, rocks don't have to ruin your game, as you can purchase sticks of dynamite to blow them up, or strength drinks that allow the miner to reel items in much faster than he would normally. You can even find these goodies hiding below the surface in mystery bags. Each level has a higher goal than the last but your money accumulates from stage to stage. Can you get ahead of the game by earning so much gold that these requirements won't matter? Find out by playing Gold Miner Special Edition for free on now!

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Have you every played Gold Miner Special Edition? How much money have you been able to win in the game before running out of time? Sound off in the comments!