CastleVille: Play CoasterVille for free metal bars


CoasterVille launched at the beginning of December, and while the game has slowly started to make progress, Zynga hasn't really done anything to cross-promote the title to its current players. That all changes now, as promotions have started to roll out across Zynga's many Facebook games, starting with CastleVille.

Like so many other cross-promotions, this one all depends on the level you've reached in CoasterVille. There are three sets of prizes available as you make your way to Level 10 in CoasterVille, which can be done in the span of a few days. You'll receive two Steel Bars, three Bronze Bars and three Gold Bricks once you reach Level 10, although it is possible that these items will be given out in waves to keep you moving forward.

If you're having trouble making progress in CoasterVille, make sure to check out Cheats & Tips Guide for some helpful tricks, and add yourself to our Add Me page to make progress faster with new friends! Good luck!

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Have you earned any of these rewards in CastleVille? Will you play CoasterVille just to win these prizes, or are you already playing the game for fun? Sound off in the comments!