Game of the Day: The Lost Kingdom Prophecy


The world of hidden object or match three games can be an expensive one, as new hidden object games are released every day. Did you know however, that you can get your hidden object or match-three fix (or both) for free right here on Today's Game of the Day proves it, as Seppia's The Lost Kingdom Prophecy combines fragmented hidden object scenes with match three play in a package that you can play for free right now!

The Lost Kingdom Prophecy sees you trying to restore a dying tree of life by collecting magical artifacts. While the main gameplay type here is "match-three," you'll also be given the opportunity to pull out your detective's bag and find broken items that have been scattered around a scene. In each match-three stage, you'll work to clear all of the brown tiles by making matches on top of them, but this isn't as simple as swapping the location of two symbols to make a match. Instead, you'll need to click and drag your mouse on top of groups of three or more like symbols that are already touching.

This means that combos are nowhere to be found in The Lost Kingdom Prophecy, but there's also the potential to create some massive explosions if enough matching pieces happen to be touching (even diagonally). If you need help completing a stage, you'll have a variety of power-ups at your disposal in each level that charge as you destroy specific symbols on the board. These power-ups will allow you to destroy a single tile, a group of touching tiles, a random assortment of non-touching tiles or even randomize the entire game board for a fresh start. Levels aren't timed in a traditional fashion, and these charged power-ups won't carry over into the next level (you'll have to start charging them from scratch each time), so use 'em when you got 'em!

If you're ready to dive into the puzzle filled world of The Lost Kingdom Prophecy, you can now play the game for free right here on!

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Have you played the Lost Kingdom Prophecy? How do you think it stacks up against other games that combine hidden object scenes with match-three play? Sound off in the comments!