Obama's Former Landlady, Johnsie Walsh, Says President Had 'Simple Needs'

Johnsie Walsh rented Barack Obama's this apartment.
Johnsie Walsh rented Barack Obama's this apartment.

We know that President Obama was a very good roommate. Now we're hearing from his former landlady, Johnsie Walsh, that he was also a very good tenant!

He rented a very "plain Jane" and "meager" one-bedroom pad in Johnsie Walsh's Stanton Park, D.C., apartment building. At the time, Obama was just a senator, and though he could afford a pricier place due to his lucrative book deals, his former landlady said that Obama just had "simple needs" and was happy to live at at the humble 227 Sixth Street NE.

"It was just a meager space in a convenient location," Walsh told Urban Turf. "I really respect people who have money or status or both and can live a minimal existence like he did."

Though she does have copies of rent checks signed by Michelle Obama, she never met the president, Walsh admitted, although she had been inside his apartment once due to a smoke scare in the building. (Walsh recalls seeing a "very tastefully decorated" apartment with a "nice sleigh bed").

According to President Obama's former college roommate, Phil Boerner, Obama was an incredibly clean and organized person to live with. Boerner, in an "Inside Look" interview with AOL Real Estate, also said that living with Obama was very easy. (See the video below.)

"He did his share of the cooking and cleaning and shopping," Boerner said in the August 2012 interview. "He was very neat and tidy!"

(Lucky Michelle!)

Inside Look: A Presidential Pad
Inside Look: A Presidential Pad
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