Nicholas Brody's 'Homeland' House Is Actually Vicki Tetreault's North Carolina Home


Medical transcriber Vicki Tetreault's Charlotte, N.C., home is special to her -- but she never imagined how much it would be to everyone else. As fate would have it, her house would become one of the most recognizable in the country, gracing millions of television screens as Nicholas Brody's house on Showtime's "Homeland."

Tetreault was approached by the show's production company after it had "looked at 40 houses" in the area, according to Charlotte TV station WCNC. I chose Tetreault's home because it was one story, so the production crew wouldn't have to "lug cameras up stairs."

In order to film the first season, the production company completely re-did the home's interiors. This included replacing the wallpaper, adding light fixtures, repainting Tetreault's kitchen and switching out all of Tetreault's furniture. (The furniture is put back in its place after filming each season.) The shooting itself is so involved, admitted Tetreault, that she is forced to stay at her brother's home to keep out of the crew's way. (In the video below, see some behind-the-scenes shots of the house during filming.)

The commotion doesn't end when the filming stops, either: Tetreault said that "Homeland" fans continually come up to the home to snap pictures. (See more photos of the "Homeland" home at

When asked if she'd ever taken pictures with "Homeland" stars Damian Lewis and Claire Danes, Tetreault said that she's met them but has never asked for photos.

"I hate to be too much of a tourist, you know," she told WCNC.

We're suckers for homes in TV and film. Among our favorites are Mary Tyler Moore's home in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and the house featured in the Kirk Douglas film "Strangers When We Meet." We also got the backstory on one of the most famous (and scariest) homes in America -- the house in "A Nightmare on Elm Street." You won't believe how it has changed over the years.

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