In today's Google Doodle, drive an adorably drawn zamboni

Google Doodle Zamboni
Google Doodle Zamboni

Did you know that today is Frank Zamboni's birthday? That's right, if he were still around (he died way back in 1988 at 87-years-old), the inventor of the ice resurfacing machine known as the Zamboni would be 112 years old. In true Google fashion, the search giant released a new interactive Google Doodle on the website today in his honor. Finally, a new Google Doodle game.

Players do the obvious to win: Drive a zamboni to erase the scuffs and other debris on the ice. It sounds a bit too simple, but this just might be the cutest, most elaborate Google Doodle yet. Players begin on an ice skating rink, following the tracks of little kids, and eventually move on up to an ice hockey rink with players that leave banana peels behind for whatever reason.

The goal of this Google Doodle is clean each rink using as little fuel as possible. Of course, as players navigate each rink with the arrow keys on their keyboard, they'll have to account for little to no traction--it's on ice, after all. Players go as far as they can without failing, and can then share their high scores via Google+. Honestly, this might the first time that driving a zamboni in a video game was actually fun.

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