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It's decided: Fjong is the most adorable game on Developed by VaragtP Studios, Fjong is a brilliant cross between a platformer and a physics puzzler that's heavy on the cute factor in everything from its visuals to its sound design. Think of it as a cross between Angry Birds, Super Mario Bros. and Kirby that all the while feels 100 percent genuine.

Honestly, it's tough to peg Fjong for strong similarities to any one particular game. Players start with one character that looks like the lovechild of Kirby and a dolphin. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and you totally will--there's no denying that face), is to get the candy into the bucket and your little dude inside.

To make it happen, players click on their character and drag the mouse in the direction in which they want it to jump. The longer the button is held before letting go, the farther the little dudes will jump. Of course, the goal is to reach the candy in as few jumps as possible to earn three stars. It sounds simple enough, but give it about 10 more levels.

That's when the Kirby's blue cousin begins to rescue his friends, the smaller-but-lighter red dude and the larger-and-heavier yellow dude. It's at this point that levels become much more about working with these three characters in unison to reach the coveted bucket of treats. Of course, the majority of these puzzles play with the concepts of weight and mass. Sure it's an area in physics puzzlers that has been touched on before, but not in such a pleasant (and arguably cerebral) format.

Not only is Fjong a brilliant diversion, but it most certainly has franchise potential. We'd love to see more Fjong games in the future, but only if they're as delightful to look at as the original. Until then, some straight up Fjong will do ... whatever that means.

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