FarmVille 2 Art Deco Items: Everything you need to know

While art deco and farming might not seem like the perfect pairing, Zynga has decided to introduce Art Deco items to FarmVille 2 anyway in a limited edition theme that contains crops, animals and more for purchase. These items are represented by a dark green background in the store, and we're here with a complete guide to these new Art Deco items to get you started. Let's go!


Curly Kale
  • Costs: 30 coins
  • Harvest time: 8 hours
  • XP earned: 5
  • Can be sold for for: 42 coins
  • Can be turned into: 6 Animal Feed


Honey Locust Tree (12 Hour Harvest Time) - 12 Farm Bucks
Paw Paw Tree (8 Hour Harvest Time) - 12 Farm Bucks


Belted Galloway Cow - 43 Farm Bucks
Flemish Blue Rabbit - 34 Farm Bucks
Baby Belted Galloway Cow - 30 Farm Bucks
Baby Flemish Blue Rabbit - 17 Farm BucksDecorations

Keystone Fencing - 4 Farm Bucks
Joan Crowford Scarecrow - 14 Farm Bucks
Keystone Bench - 2,500 coins
Keystone Lamp - 8 Farm Bucks
Keystone Ranch Gate - 8 Farm Bucks

These items will all be available to purchase in the store for the next 18 days, and we'll bring you a complete guide to the matching Art Deco crafting recipes just as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of these Art Deco items? Will you purchase any of the premium trees or animals? Sound off i the comments!
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