FarmVille 2 Art Deco Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


We've already brought you a complete guide to the Art Deco items in the FarmVille 2 marketplace, but there's more to this theme than just items in the store. In fact, there are three new crafting recipes available for creation inside the Crafting Kitchen, and we're here with a complete guide to making these fancy, new dishes.

The first recipe is for Cheesy Kale Chips. This dish requires three Cheese and 12 Curly Kale to create, with Curly Kale being the free crop that's now available to plant via this theme. A single square of Curly Kale takes eight hours to grow, while Cheese is earned by tending dairy animals like Cows or Goats. A single batch of Cheesy Kale Chips sells for 1,770 coins. Since Cheese is so easy to come by, and you'll likely wind up with tons of Curly Kale as you try to master the crop, this is definitely a great way to invest your ingredients for profits.

The next two recipes are technically premium, as they require items from premium trees to craft. The first of these two premium recipes is the Jellied Paw Paw , which requires two Lemon Water and 10 Paw Paw Fruits to craft. A single Lemon Water is worth 150 coins, but it's more valuable in the grand scheme of things simply because it requires water to create. Meanwhile, the Paw Paw Fruits come from the Paw Paw Tree, which is available to purchase in the store for 12 Farm Bucks. If you don't wish to purchase one, but you have friend(s) that do, tend their trees for a chance at earning Paw Paw Fruits for yourself. Unfortunately, there's no guarantee you'll ever earn enough to actually craft this recipe before it expires from the Crafting Kitchen. If you do end up crafting Jellied Paw Paws, you can sell them for 2,040 coins each.

The final recipe is for Honeyed Mini-Cakes, which require three Batter and six Honey Locust Fruit to craft. Like the Paw Paw Fruits, these Honey Locust Fruits come from a premium tree, the Honey Locust Tree. This tree also costs 12 Farm Bucks to purchase, and it's available for harvesting once every 12 hours. Meanwhile, the Batter is one of the game's more complicated crafting recipes, as it first requires you to create Flour using Wheat. From there, the Wheat must be combined with Eggs to form the Batter. A single Batter is worth 290 coins, and since you need three of them, the Batter actually accounts for 870 coins of this recipe's final sale price. A batch of Honeyed Mini-Cakes sells for 2,530 coins.

While the trees and Curly Kale will only be available to purchase in the store for 18 more days, these crafting recipes will be available for a week longer, or 25 days from this writing. If you're interested in stocking up on coins by creating any of these recipes, make sure you purchase their ingredients sooner, rather than later.

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