ChefVille 'Germany's Best' Quests: Everything you need to know


ChefVille has taken a virtual trip to Germany this week via the launch of multiple quest lines containing German themed cooking stations and ingredient stalls. Hans misses traditional German dishes, and he's asking you to help him relive some of his favorite memories by cooking German dishes in your restaurant. The major quest line of this event, Germany's Best, thankfully isn't timed, but it still comes with a lot of content to complete. We're here with a complete guide to these "Germany's Best" quests to get you started! Let's go!

World's Wursts

  • Place and Finish the Hofbrau Skillet

  • Serve 1 German Meatloaf

  • Tend 5 Neighbors' Mom N Pop Shops

The Hofbrau Skillet can be placed by clicking on the button within this quest window. It requires three energy to unwrap and building materials to finish. You'll need to collect six Tempered Irons and five Skillet Savvy items, which are earned through individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. You'll also need to gather six Glazed Fire Tiles and seven Firebox Focus items, which are both earned via general news items posted to your wall. Once this Skillet is complete, you'll be able to cook the German Meatloaf using one Chuck Beef, three Eggs and one Pepper. A single batch takes just one minute to prepare. You'll receive one Green Cabbage, one Red Cabbage and 10 XP for completing this first quest.

The Ubermeat

  • Buy and Finish the Butcher's Kiosk

  • Earn 1 Mastery Star for Pretzel

  • Tend Butcher's Kiosk 4 Times

The Butcher's Kiosk can be purchased in the store for 5,000 coins. It requires seven staff members to complete, rather than building materials. Once completed, it allows you to collect Chuck Beef every 11 minutes. While you're waiting for this Butcher's Kiosk to be built / recharge, you can work on cooking the Pretzel dish. It takes six hours to cook, and can be prepared using five Flour, three Water, and two Salt per batch. It only takes two servings to earn the first mastery star, but unless you're willing to spend Spices or Chef Cash, you're looking at, at least, a 12 hour wait before you can finish this quest. Good luck!

Cabbage Connection

  • Buy and Finish the Cabbage Patch

  • Earn 1 Mastery Star for Gelbwurst

If you've already started working on the Homesick Hans quests, then you'll likely have the base of the Cabbage Patch already in your restaurant. That particular appliance requires 11 building materials to complete, with building materials coming from a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to neighbors. When you finish if off, you'll be able to collect from the Cabbage Patch as often as you'd like to receive either a Red Cabbage or a Green Cabbage ingredient. Finishing this final quest in the "Germany's Best" series gives you three more Chuck Beef, three Green Cabbage and 50 XP.

It's likely that these quests won't be the last in the Germany series, and if anymore appear in the future, we'll make sure to let you know! Play ChefVille on now >

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