Match-three becomes match-four in Symbolica, now on


When you think of match-three games, your first thought is probably of something like Bejeweled or Jewel Quest, which ask you to swap gems or symbols vertically or horizontally to make matching groups of three or more. In TreSensa's Symbolica, this general match-three setup is actually increased to "match-four," and the horizontal and vertical lines are replaced with squares. This twist on gameplay is still relatively new in the symbol matching genre, and Symbolica is a fun little treat because of it.

Don't be fooled by Symbolica's simple graphics. The game offers a relatively fast-paced and modern experience, as you're given a small board and are asked to rotate groups of four symbols either clockwise or counter-clockwise until four matching symbols make up a square. These symbols then disappear from the board and are replaced with new offerings, and a bit of time is added back to the clock. That's right, your progress is forever timed, but since the game's first few levels can be completed with only a few matches, it's easy to get sucked into this simple twist. Before you know it, you'll be saying "oh just one more level" and won't actually want to stop.

Your remaining time will tick down faster as you continue to advance, and this "simple puzzle game" actually becomes pretty stressful. Even when your time does run out, you can jump right back into a new game and try to beat your old high score all over again. If you'd like to see how far you can make it in Symbolica before time runs out, you can now play the game for free right here on!

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