Rumors of a New, Cheaper iPhone in 2013


Rumors about a cheap version of the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone have gotten out of hand, at least based on how poor the sources are.

Tencent Tech reports that the new product will be launched in the second half of the year. Another obscure website, Patently Apple, voiced concern about the value of the reporting: "While it sounds like a winner, we have no track record on Tencent Tech's reporting accuracy." The same could be said about Patently Apple. A search for the Chinese Tencent Tech does not bring back any match when the name is put into Google.

The entire, thin, Patently Apple report:

According to BrightWire, a business-to-business resource for portfolio managers, a major Chinese website called Tencent Tech is reporting this morning that preliminary details about an entry-level iPhone model from Apple have leaked. Reportedly, this future model will adopt a chassis made of plastic instead of the currently-used glass and aluminum materials. The report adds that the model may also adopt a chassis made of plastic and metal. Metal parts inside this new model supposedly will be able to be seen from outside by virtue of a special design. The model, which is still undergoing validation, will most likely be unveiled in 2H 2013. While it sounds like a winner, we have no track record on Tencent Tech's reporting accuracy. Until other sources emerge, it's just a rumor.

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