Football trading cards come to Android in DeNA's NFL Matchups


While many football fans might remember collecting trading cards as children, the old pastime of real world card collection has been replaced with mobile options, as DeNA and the National Football League have announced the launch of a football card collection game on Android known simply as NFL Matchups.

With games like Rage of Bahamut under its belt, DeNA / Mobage has already proven that it knows how to make a great trading card game, and NFL Matchups will allow players to compete in head-to-head contests with the players that they collect over time. With the ultimate goal being to create the best collection of cards, and therefore best team of players possible, gamers will be able to choose from multiple gameplay modes including "League" and "Tour" to prove they have what it takes to dominate the gridiron.


NFL Matchups contains hundreds of cards featuring NFL Players from real world teams, and each game can be won and lost based on the comparison of these cards' stats and how players send specific cards into "battle."

"DeNA is proud to partner with the NFL and the NFL PLAYERS to deliver NFL Matchups to the millions of dedicated football fans looking for an experience that tests their NFL knowledge, strategy and skill, and a new way to interact with their favorite players," said Irfan Virk, CEO of DeNA Studios Canada, via a company release. "The game provides fans with a new way to interact with their favorite players and offers them an opportunity to enjoy football all year long even after the NFL season ends."

NFL Matchups is now available to download for free on Android devices, and is coming soon to iPhone and iPad.

Download NFL Matchups on Android >

Have you tried NFL Matchups or any other sports-themed trading card games on your favorite mobile device? How do you think this one stands up against the competition? Sound off in the comments!