Listing Fail: 'Cavernous' Living Room in a Shoebox Apartment


Selling apartments in New York City has gotta be one of the hardest jobs in the world, but that's no excuse for false advertising. Sorry, let us rephrase: deceptive descriptions so far off the mark that they're almost laughable. We'll explain.

The word "cavernous" can and should be used to describe huge McMansions with rooms that you could get lost in -- gaping, spacious rooms that could swallow you up like, well, a cave. The word, however, is not to be used to describe 800-square-foot apartments in Brooklyn.

Sure, we'll take the "plethora of natural sunlight" that will "blind you," as the listing promises. We're down for the "breathtaking summer sunset" views from the "huge master bedroom fit for a king and queen." But "cavernous" living room? That's pretty much the entire apartment. (That's not an invite to call it a "cavernous apartment.") To be fair, our buddies at Curbed concede that, maybe, "in some ways it's like a cave because caves are very small?"

Think that was deceptive? How about a "country DREAM home" that's actually a decrepit old shed in the middle of nowhere? That and more listing fails here.

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