Game of the Day: Trizzle


Match three puzzle games come and go, but developers rarely try something new in the space. Fortunately, today's Game of the Day, Trizzle, does offer something new, as you'll match various colors of dolls to make them grow by sliding rows vertically or horizontally to make your matches.

Arkadium's Trizzle starts simply, as you're told to drag a row or column to create a match of three or more like colored dolls. These dolls will then collapse into one larger doll. Dolls can only be matched with those that are both the same size and the same color, so once the game board becomes full of dolls of different sizes, there's plenty of strategy to be had here. This is also due to the move ticker that constantly ticks down on the side of the screen. The object of each game of Trizzle is to reach the highest level possible before running out of moves. Each time you level up, you'll receive a few more moves in your total, but eventually you will run out. Can you earn a high score before that time comes?

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Have you tried Trizzle? What's the highest level you've reached? What's your high score? Sound off in the comments!