Disney Infinity: Everything we know (and every screen shot) so far


After today's exciting reveal of Disney Infinity, we've learned more about what makes Disney's answer to Skylanders tick, and have already started counting down to the game's release this June. If you're as excited as we are, follow along with us as we break down what we know about Disney Infinity so far.

We'll Collect Real World Figures
Similar to Skylanders, Disney Infinity will offer real, tangible figures that can be collected in the real world. Pieces will be modeled after characters from Disney and Pixar properties, with "Monsters University," "Pirates of the Caribbean," and "The Incredibles" leading the way this June. Each property and its associated pieces is known as a "Play Set," and characters or power-discs within those Play Sets can be brought to life inside Infinity by placing them on the "Disney Infinity Base." Once activated, each figure will allow gamers to complete story-driven adventures with their favorite characters, from Jack Sparrow to Mr. Incredible.

A Virtual Toy Box will Allow for User-Created Content
As players make their way through the game's scripted adventures, they'll collect vehicles, additional characters, tools and more which can be then used in a variety of ways. For one, players will be able to use their accumulated goodies to create their own stories for their favorite characters, mixing characters from one property with another at will. As new characters are released as real-world figures and as in-game personalities, the possibilities for user-created content will only expand.


Disney Infinity will Support Multiplayer and Multiple Consoles
Disney Infinity's figures and Play Sets will be available across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, and PC, and will eventually come to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. The game will also support two player co-op in the scripted "Play Set" adventures, while up to four players can join together in the "Toy Box" mode.

The Game and Figures Already Have Price Tags
While the pricing of the final game and figures could change at any time, we already know that there will be 40 figures released this June, and that the game's Starter Pack, which includes figures, will cost $74.99 USD. Of those 40 pieces, 17 will be interacting character figures like Sully or Mike, as examples. These figures will be available for $12.99 each, or in a three-pack for $29.99.


Three pieces will be larger "Play Sets" that add new Play Set locations to Disney Infinity. Each "Play Set" Pack will cost $34.99. Finally, 20 additional pieces known as Power Discs will be used to enhance or otherwise manipulate the game's environment. Some of these will be gadgets for our characters. A Power-Disc Pack will cost $4.99.


With all of this to look forward to, you can be sure that we'll update you with any additional news about Disney Infinity as we learn more. In the meantime, mark your calendars for June, when we can all dive into Disney's new playground for ourselves.

Are you excited about Disney Infinity? Which characters do you hope Disney releases within the game first? Sound off in the comments!