If You Like... Bloons, then get blown away by Fort Blaster, Ahoy There!

Fort Blaster Ahoy There
Fort Blaster Ahoy There

Balloons and darts ... bombs and forts--same difference, right? Today in "If You Like," we look at Fort Blaster, Ahoy There!, an action/physics puzzler by Koseki that--you guessed it--features pirates raiding forts with all sorts of explosive munitions. Like any good physics-based puzzle game, players must maximize their points given the resources provided.

But, unlike hit such as Angry Birds and Bloons, that doesn't necessarily mean: "use as few bombs as possible." In fact, that restriction generally means: "Destroy as much stuff as possible using every bomb you have." See? This is a game about managing resources through maximum impact, not efficiency. (For instance, sometimes simply peppering the enemy fort with high-speed cannonballs in quick succession does the trick for three star ratings.)

Fort Blaster features several kinds of incendiary rounds, namely standard cannonballs, bombs with fuses and cluster bombs. It's up to you to make the best use of a combination of these items to make those redcoats pay. (Really, they're wearing red coats.) If you need some more explosions in your physics puzzlers, it's time you give Fort Blaster an honest shot.

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