"Timeless" Advice for Retail Investors Right Now


There's evidence that despite a strong recovery from the market lows of 2009, many Americans have sat on the sidelines or moved out of stocks and into bonds or cash.

Last week, in a wide-ranging interview on his investing philosophy and a half-dozen specific stocks in his Supernova universe, I asked Fool co-founder David Gardner what his advice would be to those investors who are moving into "safer" investments or are intimidated by the machinations of Wall Street and the stock market.

You can watch his full answer in the video below (run time: 1 minute, 44 seconds), but in essence, he suggests that investors figure out their time horizon and investing strategy and "patiently buy portions and become part-owner of the best companies you can find."

He adds, "I truly do believe that that is the timeless, best answer for most of us."

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