Is Zynga's Empires & Allies on its way out?


With 3.4 million monthly active players, Empires & Allies may still seem pretty healthy, but active players have noticed something a bit suspicious over the past couple of weeks. The game seems to have fallen out of Zynga's regular update schedule, as the game's forums are filled with players complaining about new bugs, missing units, a lack of opponents in Battle Blitz and an overall lack of new content within the game.

According to the folks at CEGamers, this drought started back on December 18, as both the Empires & Allies Twitter feed and Facebook news page fell silent after that date. While we might have originally attributed this silence to the holiday season in December, we're now at January 14, and Zynga still hasn't made a peep about the game on either outlet.

Sure, this is all just speculation, but if we look at games that have already been closed, like PetVille or Treasure Isle, those Facebook pages also went quiet in the weeks and months before the official closing announcements were made. Even more concerning, Zynga recently announced that there's no reason to hope for Empires & Allies to ever be released on, which would make sense if the developer is planning on closing the game anyway.

We've reached out to Zynga for comment on the status of Empires & Allies, but for now, the game is available to play as normal. How much longer it will last however, is anyone's guess.

Do you still play Empires & Allies, or did you stop playing Zynga's strategy game a long time ago? Sound off in the comments!

Originally published