Why Only 2% Of Women Plan To Ask For A Raise This Year

 ask for a raise in 2013
ask for a raise in 2013

A discussion group on LinkedIn recently answered the question: What's your career resolution for 2013? Of the five options given to the LinkedIn group Connect, which is powered by Citi, the most commonly chosen (as of this writing) was "find a new job" (36 percent). The runner-up was "learn new career skills" (29 percent) followed by "build my network" (25 percent). Only 2 percent of respondents resolved to ask for a raise.

I find it interesting that the number who'd ask for a raise is that low. One of the reasons that people look for a new job is to make more money, and one reason to learn new career skills is to boost your earning potential. Building your network can help bring in more work (and more money). So why is directly asking for more money so unpopular?