Candy Crush Saga crushes Zynga, becomes top Facebook game by DAU


While many Facebook game fans may have never expected it, the mighty Zynga has been dethroned from the #1 spot on the Facebook apps leaderboard for most daily active users (DAU). The powerhouse app is's Candy Crush Saga, the colorful (and sweet) match-three puzzle game that can be enjoyed in short bursts across Facebook, iOS, and Android.

According to AppData, Candy Crush Saga currently sits at 9.7 million daily players, which is almost 1 million players more than second place, FarmVille 2, which sits at 8.8 million daily players. The two games are incredibly different. One's a quick and easy puzzle / arcade title while the other's a complex farming simulator, but there's probably more to Candy Crush Saga's domination than its own ease of play.

Zynga's games have long been known as some of the most socially demanding titles, requiring players to constantly ask their friends for items or pay premium currency to advance in quests. Has the appeal for games like FarmVille 2 been outpaced by more action-packed social games? [Ed. Note: While FarmVille 2 might not be losing daily players at the moment, Candy Crush Saga certainly is gaining them.]

Or, could Candy Crush Saga's reign at the top be cut short just as quickly as it began? We'll make sure to keep track of the charts and will let you know if's dominance is more than just a flash in the pan.

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Do you currently play Candy Crush Saga? Do you also play FarmVille 2? Did you stop playing FarmVille 2 because it's difficult to progress? Sound off in the comments!