If You Like... Burrito Bison, then embark on Flying Cookie Quest

Flying Cookie Quest
Flying Cookie Quest

And you thought the rides in Burrito Bison were crazy. The luchador stuck in Candy Land ain't got nothin' on Flying Cookie Quest by LongAnimals and Biscuit Locker on Games.com. This edition of "If You Like..." is arguably the goofiest we've run yet, considering Flying Cookie Quest looks as if the armies of Hello Kitty invaded Candy Land, turned up the tempo and introduced some extra intensity.

Just like other games of its kind, Flying Cookie Quest sees players simply click on the screen with expert timing to make their rocket-toting panda bounce on the ground, preferably on top of a cow, cookie or sheep. (Hit the bare ground too much, and it's Game Over.) But things get a little kooky when a giant face tries to eat you and prematurely end your session.

A bunch of crazy power-ups (i.e. a loop-de-looping biplane, a UFO and a sheep riding in a shopping cart) only serve to up the level of zaniness. If you dig games like Burrito Bison, but are ready to up the ante with something more intense (by orders of magnitude) give this gem a go:

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