Amazing Ants: These little ants pack a punch on iOS


From their organized colonies to their super strength, ants really are amazing little creatures and iOS game fans can learn that first hand via Twyngo's newest puzzle game Amazing Ants. We already brought you a preview of this little puzzle game, which mixes super-sized graphics with ants that want nothing more than to bring food back to their friends.

In each level, you'll be given the chance to manipulate the environment using items like rocket sticks, sprinklers, bubbles and more, but the ants will continue to move on their own. The only true interaction you can have with the ants is encouraging them to jump by tapping on a single ant. There will only be the same number of fruit scattered on the scene as there are ants to walk, so each level then becomes a literal puzzle, as you must determine the actions each individual ant must take to reach their specific piece of food. Ants can be manipulated in any order as they walk, so if you miss a piece of fruit with one ant, it can be picked up by the next, but each ant can only hold a single piece of fruit at a time. Plus, you'll only be able to "jump" a certain number of times in each stage before that ability is locked out.

The entire point of each stage is to guide your tiny ants to the exit hole, and you'll receive points and stars based on how quickly you accomplish the task, along with how many pieces of fruit you collect along the way. That is, even if you pick up all of the fruit, it's still possible to finish with less than a perfect three star rating simply because you took too long to get it done. Levels can be replayed as many times as you'd like to try different strategies, but most of the levels can be solved for a perfect score in less than five minutes.


While Amazing Ants is free to download and play (it's supported by ads), there's the option to spend real money on extra levels. Thankfully, you won't have to invest money, as you're given the option to purchase extra level sets with the coins you earn in each level. If you do decide to support the developers, you can purchase permanent boosts for the game, like unlimited jumps in a specific series of levels, or hints that will show you exactly which moves to take to earn all three fruit in the shortest time possible.

While Amazing Ants becomes a more challenging experience as you move along, there's something really satisfying about earning all three pieces of fruit as your ants happily walk along, even if it's achieved through repeated trial and error. The graphics are cute and colorful, and while the backgrounds are full of commonplace items like trashcans and pencils, the massive scale of these objects in relation to the tiny ants is what really makes the game stand out. If there is an issue to be had with Amazing Ants, it's that the graphics might actually be a bit too skewed for the iPhone's tiny screen, as it can sometimes be difficult to tap on one individual ant amongst a larger group of them, but playing on the iPad eliminates that issue and makes for an even better looking game. If you're ready to lead these ants to food and safety, you can now download Amazing Ants for free on iOS.

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