Game of the Day: Starts With


We're likely all familiar with word games that ask you to create as many words as possible from a list of scrambled letters, but in today's Game of the Day, Starts With, that general gameplay idea is given a cool twist. In Masque's Starts With, you'll be given a list of six letters, which can all combine to form at least one six letter word and multiple words from 3-5 letters long.

In each of Starts With's 12 stages, you'll need to find as many of the possible words as you can within a hefty time limit, with each word found causing a koala to climb a tree on the side of the screen. If the koala reaches the checkered flag before time expires, you'll advance to the next level, and you can manually skip ahead as soon as you reach this point, if you'd rather not attempt to go for the words you're still missing on a particular stage. Sound basic right? Well, what if I told you that instead of leaving you to find each word on your own, that the game actually gives you clues as to how many words start with a specific letter?

Say you're given the letters in the word "Submit." Each time you type an "s" or a "u," the game will update with how many remaining words currently start with that letter. It's an awesome twist that makes completing levels much easier as they would have been otherwise. Plus, for every six-letter word you find, you'll activate a bonus game where you must rearrange nine coconuts to form three, three-letter words. All of this in a package that's completely free to play right here on! What are you waiting for? Try out "Starts With" today!

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Have you tried Starts With? Have you ever been able to finish all 12 rounds in a single game? Let us know your high score in the comments!