SimCity Social 'Rock Royalty Part 2' Quests: Everything you need to know


We've already brought you a complete look at the first portion in the Rock Royalty event in SimCity Social, which brings music to your town. Now, there are four quests to complete in this second section of the music event, and you'll need to invest quite a few Simoleons and materials to finish it off. We're here with a guide to completing these four quests, thanks to the game's official forums.

Cue the Music

  • Build the Hit Factory

  • Ignore Horrid Hits

  • Perform 5 Rival Actions

The Hit Factory costs 72,000 Simoleons to purchase, and it comes in the form of a literal factory that has a "low" pollution rating. It produces at least 305 Goods every five and a half hours, and it requires three energy to build its base. After the base is complete, you'll need three Robot Workers, two Kribbles, three Cameras and four Heavy Metal to finish it off. As for the Rival Actions, these can be completed in a friends' town by choosing the "naughty" choice when interacting with items. You'll receive a free Wrath when you finish this quest.

Live and Licking

  • Have a 3-Star Rock Club

  • Collect 2,000 Simoleons from the Rock Club

  • Have 3 Heavy Metal

Once again, the Heavy Metal can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Meanwhile, the Rock Club (which we built in Part 1 of this event) requires a ton of energy and materials to upgrade. You'll need 15 energy and 5,100 Materials to upgrade to 1-Star, while 20 energy and 10,000 Materials are required for the second upgrade. To reach the 3-Star rating, you'll need 25 energy and 25,000 more Materials. Once the Rock Club is fully upgraded, you'll receive 1,200 Simoleons from it every 48 minutes, so long as you actually come back and collect them. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 10,000 Materials.

Find Your Groove

  • Earn 3 Expression

  • Find 5 Inspiration

  • Collect from the Hit Factory

Reminder: The Hit Factory takes five and a half hours to recharge, so if you're working on the Live and Licking quest above and already have a "ready" Hit Factory, hold off on collecting it until you reach this quest, just to save some time in the long run. For the Expression task, you can earn these by assigning workers to Attraction jobs via the University feature. These jobs are under the green color section and can include jobs within the Botanical Gardens, Country Club, Stadium and more. Finally, the Inspiration can be found inside the Record Store. This business costs 68,000 Simoleons in the store and will provide 600 Simoleons every two hours. When you finish this quest, you'll receive two Creativity collectibles.

Long Player

  • Stock "Pull Your Rocks Up"

  • Collect from the Record Store

Finally, the Record Store costs 68,000 Simoleons to build and requires five energy. To finish it off, you'll need two Business Cards and two Platinum Records. You can then simply click on the finished Record Store and choose the "Pull Your Rocks Up" task once to finish off this quest. You'll receive 25,000 Simoleons for finishing this portion of the Rock Royalty event, but we're not done yet! There's still one more portion of quests to complete in this Rock Royalty feature, so check back for more.

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Which quest in the Rock Royalty event are you on right now? Have you already made it into Part 2, or are you still working on quests in Part 1? Sound off in the comments!