FarmVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Combine buildings to create something new!


To say that some of FarmVille 2's buildings are expensive would be an understatement. Players with deep pockets can purchase some great looking buildings for upwards of 48 Farm Bucks, but are these buildings really worth the bragging rights? Do they do anything other than look pretty? Well, if you're willing to purchase more than one of them, you can actually create something even grander than the individual pieces, which we have to admit is pretty neat.

If you're willing to shell out the Farm Bucks, you can combine an "Economy" level Log Cabin with a "Deluxe" Log Cabin to form a much larger home. Whether the home is actually larger or it's just an optical illusion will be up to you, but when you place an Economy Log Cabin next to a Log Cabin Deluxe, you'll form one much larger Log Cabin, fit for all of your virtual farmer's needs. The only catch? An Economy Log Cabin costs at least 28 Farm Bucks, while a Deluxe model costs at least 44 Farm Bucks, depending on the color you choose.

Still, if you're already willing to purchase these buildings for individual use on your farms, this helpful design tip is definitely something to keep in mind. I mean, just look at the final product when you combine three (see at right)! Not only will you earn tons of XP for simply purchasing the building, but you'll have one of the coolest looking structures on your farm, so make sure to purchase these cabins (if you're interested) before they expire in 15 days.

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Are you going to try this design trick on your FarmVille 2 farm, or are the cabins too expensive for your tastes? Let us know in the comments!