5 Superball Stocks


When stocks fall fast and far, they sometimes set themselves up for remarkable rebounds. The following equities suffered dramatic drops over the past week. With help from the 180,000 members of Motley Fool CAPS, we'll see whether any of them have the potential to bounce back.

It's been a while, but thanks to last week's sell-off, we once again have a chance to stand beneath Mr. Market's silverware drawer in hopes of snagging a bargain. Let's meet today's contenders:


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MV Oil Trust




Sarepta Therapeutics




MGIC Investment












Companies are selected by screening on finviz.com for abrupt 5% or greater price drops last week. Recent price and 52-week-high data provided by finviz.com. CAPS ratings from Motley Fool CAPS.

Five super falls -- one superball
Week Two of 2013 saw stock markets notch a modest 0.4% gain -- which was good news, unless you happened to own one of the 2,641 stocks that saw no gain at all. If you happened to own, for example, one of the five stocks named in our table. What kept them from sharing in the glory? Funny you should ask.

Beginning at the bottom, rare-earth miner Molycorp got blasted Thursday, when new (interim) CEO Constantine Karayannopoulos was forced to admit that 2013 revenue is going to come in much lighter than previously hoped. Phase 1 production from the company's Mountain Pass mine won't begin for six months. Meanwhile, the company's going to keep burning cash as it tries to bring production on line.

Meawhile, MBIA is suffering from a note that came out Monday, in which analyst MKM Partners suggested Bank of America will not soon settle claims MBIA has filed alleging misrepresentations on mortgage-backed securities it insured. In possibly related news, private mortgage insurer MGIC (also involved in litigation with B of A) took a hit Tuesday, after reporting its monthly operating statistics for December -- even though this report showed a decline in delinquencies. Shares of both MBIA and MGIC were down significantly last week.

And of course, muscular dystrophy drugmaker Sarepta lost 10% of its market cap last week on no bad news at all. (To the contrary, one Fool sees some potential good news and points out that Sarepta shareholders might soon enjoy a buyout premium.)

That pretty much wraps up the below-average one- and two-starred CAPS ratings for the week. But what about the one stock on this week's list that investors actually like? What about ...

The bull case for MV Oil Trust
Speaking of stocks that are down on no bad news at all, MV Oil Trust dropped a bit last week. In contrast to the other stocks I've named, though, a lot of CAPS members seem to think that this decline is actually a buying opportunity.

DavidOfDukeLow introduced us to MV Oil last year as a "royalty trust [that] generates income by selling oil and natural gas produced by MV Partners LLC, an exploration and production firm operating in Kansas and Colorado." This CAPS member adds: "MV Oil Trust's payout ratio is currently 100%, good for a dividend of $3.07 a share and a yield" of 10%.

Egalvin calls the stock a bargain, and he's not the only one to think so. CAPS member OREKEV argues that "oil is ... going to be the primary fuel for another 50 years." As such, MV's claim on the net profits of MV Partners should keep on generating generous dividend payments for years to come.

Speaking of which, there are really two good reasons to like this company. The first, obviously, is the yield: 10% is quite a big dividend yield, and about four times the size of the average dividend paid in the S&P 500 .

Second is the price: MV Oil currently costs only seven times annual profits, and these profits are (in the opinion of Wall Street analysts) likely to grow at about 7% per year over the next five years. This suggests at worst a fair valuation on the shares. And once you factor the rich dividend yield into the picture, MV Oil looks quite cheap indeed.

Cheap enough to give investors a superball bounce after last week's selloff? Maybe. To be honest, I don't see any reason why not.

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