Entrepreneur Jia Jiang Tries 100 Days Of Rejection Therapy

100 Days of Rejection
100 Days of Rejection

CAN Many tortured souls with crippling insecurities seek out therapists and life coaches, recite affirmations, and try to convince themselves that they're deserving of professional and personal success. Jia Jiang, on the other hand, tries to get painfully, awkwardly and cruelly rejected over and over again.

Jiang, a former Dell employee, started his "100 Days of Rejection Therapy" in order to thicken his skin. As the founder of a new web start-up, he needs to hustle for cash. But Jiang's ego was too fragile for the job. So since mid November, Jiang has been making one ridiculous request a day, on-camera, in the hope of immunizing himself to the sting of rebuff.