Game of the Day: Bounce Out


Today's Game of the Day will have you swapping and bouncing balls in a timed race to the finish. Bounce Out from Gamehouse offers level based play that challenges you with lining up three or more like colored balls on a hexagonal grid. Balls must be matched in a straight line vertically or diagonally, but the design of the board itself eliminates the possibility for straight lines horizontally.

This twist on classic match-three play is timed, and you'll only have a certain number of moves to eliminate the required number of balls for that level. If you do happen to run out of moves, the board resets. This reset doesn't stop you from continuing on where you left off, but the timer won't stop ticking down even if the board resets, so watch out! What's more, you'll need to watch out for black balls that fall randomly into each level, as they can't be moved.

With multiple levels and a quest to reach the highest level and score possible, Bounce Out is the perfect way to start your Saturday morning off right, and you can now play it for free right here on!

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