Lead ants to safety and food in Amazing Ants on iOS


It's safe to say that ants aren't one of the most beloved creatures in the animal kingdom, but have we ever stopped to think about the ants' plight from their perspective? Amazing Ants does just that, as this colorful iOS puzzle game from Twyngo and Pocket Gems challenges players with leading ants from stage to stage, collecting as much fruit as possible in the process.

Each level in Amazing Ants has oversized graphics, presenting the real world as a giant wonderland to a tiny little ant. Depending on the items in the stage, these ants may need to bounce, jump, balance, climb or even fly across a stage to escape with the fruit. Paths tend to be unlocked by manipulating items within each world, like a shoelace that must be used a tight-rope, as an example. Ants can be customized with a variety of costumes, and mini-games look to add more fun to the experience.


"As a child, remember seeing a group of ants struggling to carry a scrap of food to safety? Perhaps you placed a twig bridge to help them cross a small puddle," said Unni Narayanan, CEO of Twyngo, via a company release. "Amazing Ants was inspired by the timeless game of playing with ants which is great fun for both adults and kids."

We'll have a complete review of Amazing Ants in the coming days, but for now, you can download the game for free on either iPhone or iPad. Also make sure to check out the trailer below for more.

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