Top 9 Craziest Job Titles

When kids are asked what they want to do when they grow up, they usually have answers like teacher, fireman or chef. But of course, life sometimes throws a curve, and people can end up in careers that they never would have dreamed of. And then there are people who end up in jobs with titles that either make you barrel over with laughter, or require the use of a very large dictionary. At some point, hokey, crazy job titles became more common; back in 2006, Forbes noted the trend and blamed tech startups (including AOL, which had a CEO of Love at one point.)

So what are the craziest, silliest job titles? Look below for a list of nine. But please note: We're not questioning the necessity of these jobs -- after all, someone has to be expert on subjects like pork rinds or pornography, or separating baby chickens at birth.

1. Director of First Impressions

Sometimes a standard job title simply doesn't do justice to what the position both entails and means for the company at large. Because when you think about it, a receptionist really makes a first impression for company. So why not call a receptionist that? That's what companies like the Workforce Development Group do.

2. Chief Troublemaker

There are many ways to signal to your workers that you aren't an easily satisfied boss. One particularly overt strategy was adopted by Joanna Pineda, the founder of the Web design firm, Matrix Group International, who took the title of "chief troublemaker," because, as she told Forbes, she likes to "stir things up."

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3. Bride Kidnapping Expert

The funny-sounding title is no joke. Russell Kleinbach has appeared in documentaries to discuss his research into the problem of women being forced into wedlock.

4. Mother Repairer

It may sound like a job for a licensed psychotherapist, but in fact, mother repairers restore metal phonographs by carefully removing dirt and particles from the grooves in a process that requires technical expertise.

%VIRTUAL-hiringNow-topCity%5. Pork Rind Expert

If there's anyone who can claim to be a pork rind expert, it may be Jim Rudolph. He's the founder of Rudolph Foods, the Georgia-based company that claims to be the world's largest manufacturer of the popular snack. He's taken the title while appearing on the Food Network.

6. Chick Sexer

It sounds like an assignment for a higher being, but the separating of male and female chickens at birth is vital as it's only the pullets, baby females, that can be used for egg production. Because the baby chickens' organs are microscopic, specialized training is needed to identify the gender, "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe told Jon Stewart during an appearance on "The Daily Show."

7. Skull Grinder

It's a rather dramatic name for what is a dirty task -- the cleaning of ear and nasal passages of pig brains for food production.

8. Tonsorial Artist

It's a job that sounds like a tongue-twister, but it's a term that has appeared on the census to describe the work of barbers and beauticians, according to the New Yorker.

9. Chocolate Beer Specialist

When Jim Koch, the founder of the Boston Beer company, was interviewed by the Food Network about his business, he had many titles to choose from. He could have referred to his commercial acting career in addition to his experience as a craft-brew entrepreneur. But instead he chose, "chocolate beer specialist," as was reported by Bloomberg Businessweek.

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