Technology Investors Are Playing in a Casino With Fantastic Odds


In the video below, Michael Saylor, CEO and founder of MicroStrategy and author of The Mobile Wave, visits The Motley Fool to discuss tech, business, and social trends as they relate to investors today.

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Michael Saylor: The reason that technology is exciting -- you guys probably agree with this -- is technology is like walking into a casino, putting down a dollar and spinning the wheel, and if you win you get $10,000, and you win 3% of the time, or 5% of the time, or 10% of the time.

If you're a mathematician, you realize pretty rapidly that just being able to bet in that casino, you've already won. The guys that get this the best are Google. The Google guys are like, "Well, if our payoff is so big, we might as well just throw everything against the wall we can. We'll try 1,000 things."

The other guy who gets it is Bezos. These guys are doing asteroid mining; they'll do anything. Jeff Bezos is incredible in what he's done. He's cannibalizing his own businesses, and they're going right and left.

Those two are the hardest-working intelligent companies in the business. Then the two child prodigy geniuses are Facebook and Apple. They just happened to hit just the right business model, and they're taking the inside track.

They've just got massive, massive, massive momentum behind them because they've hit this resonating frequency in civilization, that met such a powerful need.

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