Sexy Matador Fights Pork Chops in New Target Ad

Target Ad Matador youtube
Target Ad Matador youtube

Target is promoting its grocery offerings with a new series of TV ads featuring, among other oddities, a sexy matador dueling with various packaged meats.

The commercials evoke the world of high fashion, showing models using grocery items in strange ways. In one of the ads, a pregnant woman tears open snack-food packages in a craving-induced fury, at one point showering herself with pickle juice. In another, a stiletto-wearing model strides among exploding boxes of cake mix, imploring viewers to "dominate that PTA bake sale."

Here's one of the Target ads:

Target (TGT) isn't running these ads just to make you feel weird feelings about pork chops and laundry detergent. Rather, it's part of a marketing push by the discount retailer to turn customers' focus to its grocery aisle -- and in so doing challenge Walmart (WMT), which has significantly expanded its grocery and fresh food business.

Target says that the campaign will ultimately encompass eight TV spots, three radio ads and digital short films that will run as banner ads. You can see the four ads released so far over at Target's YouTube page.

[UPDATE: Target has released four more TV spots, including one featuring a baby wipe-slinging cowgirl. You can check them out at AdWeek's AdFreak blog.]

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