School shootings: Are games to blame? [Poll]

video game violence school shootings
video game violence school shootings

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In the wake of the recent school shooting in Sandy Hook, Vice President Joe Biden and his task force has been making the rounds with the NRA and the film industry, and today, will be meeting with representatives from the video game industry, which will include the Entertainment Software Association CEO Mike Gallagher.

What exactly will come from these meetings remains to be seen; Biden says he'll present his findings to the President on Tuesday.

It's hard to imagine that the conversation will result in any major changes, i.e. seeing fewer guns in video games. Games with guns such as the multi-billion dollar Call of Duty series, make up a large portion of video game industry profits. The conversation will likely center on the ESRB Ratings System and, if anything, result in an attempt to create stricter enforcement of that system.

Of course, the implications of all of the Biden meetings with the entertainment industry speak louder than anything, that games (and TV and movies) are to blame for school shootings. Video game industry insiders are already having heated debates on the topic, but we want to hear what you think. Cast your vote in the poll below.