Minecraft: Pocket Edition outsold Minecraft PC in 2012

Minecraft Pocket Edition salesThe Pocket Edition of indie mega-sensation Minecraft was purchased a staggering 5,899,727 times across the iOS and Android app stores in 2012. This compares to a 'mere' 4,177,843 copies of the PC version sold during the same period.

The mind-boggling stats were revealed in a blog post on developer Mojang's website (spotted by Eurogamer) yesterday evening. It was a very good Christmas for the developer too, with 289,939 gamers grabbing Minecraft Pocket Edition on Christmas Day alone, adding to a total of 706,419 copies for the entire Christmas week.

Across all platforms, 2012 saw the Mojang cash-registers chime to the tune of 15,079,940 purchases. Blimey!

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