Game of the Day: Jewel Quest II


In the world of match-three games, there are two major names that really started it all: Bejeweled and Jewel Quest, and both are available to play right on! In fact, today's Game of the Day is iWin's Jewel Quest II, which offers dozens of puzzles and boards to complete as you swap gems to create matches of three or more like symbols in your quest to discover Zimbabwe's ultimate treasures.

As you play Jewel Quest II, you'll discover that the goal of the game is about more than just making matches of three or more like symbols, as doing so will cause the tiles underneath to turn gold. Only when you've made every tile on the board gold will you be able to advance to the next stage, which adds a bit of challenge to the experience. In addition, you'll unlock power-ups as you play, like one that gives you the ability to automatically turn any tile gold, for times when you are having trouble finishing a stage because a non-golden tile is in a far off corner or other hard-to-reach spot.

Jewel Quest II offers game boards of all shapes and sizes, further challenges like tiles that need to be matched multiple times before they turn gold, and a level-specific time limit that will keep you forever searching for the gold. All that in a package that's free to play right here on! Think you can find the treasures of Zimbabwe before they're snapped up by poachers? Then play Jewel Quest II today!

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What's the highest level you've reached in Jewel Quest II? What's your high score? Share your stats with us in the comments!