The 11 Fastest Growing Industries In The U.S.

fastest growing industries

By Sam Ro

Sageworks, the financial information company is out with its list of fast growing industries in America.

"With manufacturing having played a pivotal role in the economic recovery, it's no surprise that several manufacturing industries are among the strongest growing over the last 12 months, based on current estimates," they write.

"It's possible that those are tied together as businesses have started to use some of their cash to invest in needed equipment and upgrades," said Sageworks analyst Brad Schaefer. "All of those took really big hits in 2009 because companies weren't investing in a lot of equipment."

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Of the top 11 industries, employment services stands out as the one requiring the least amount of manual labor.

"I see the employment services industry doing fairly well again, just because a lot of people are still uncertain about the economy and the political atmosphere, which contributes to businesses hiring temporary or contract workers instead of full-time employees," said Schaefer. "I don't think that's something that'll go away for the next year."

Here's a table of the jobs:

fastest growing industries

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