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Thrower Goblin
Thrower Goblin

Let's face it: The core concept that drives Angry Birds isn't exactly original. (Not to take anything away from Rovio, which made an incredible franchise of it.) The point is that you can easily find a similar experience elsewhere, and in the case of Games.com, even at least one with twist on it. This is Thrower Goblin, a physics puzzler created by Evgen Sidorov.

Otherwise known as "vorodis2", Sidorov's take on the concept sees players slinging boulders toward hapless knights standing on, under and around shoddy wooden structures. As the name implies, you are a garish goblin out to give these men in armor what for, but here's the twist: Aside from a small map on each level next to the goblin, you're throwing blind.

Thrower Goblin forces players to put more faith in the trajectory of their throws than ever. Of course, your skill at slinging boulders near-blindly is ranked through a star system across 24 levels. Now, we will say that it's not nearly as polished or cute as the almighty Angry Birds, but it puts an interesting twist on the idea that physics puzzler veterans might appreciate.

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