Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper Walkthrough Part 2

Angry Birds Space cheats tips
Angry Birds Space cheats tips

We published Part 1 of our three star walkthrough to the Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper update earlier today. Ready for Part 2? Here's our complete guide to getting three stars in levels 11-20.

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-11
Fire your first bird right at the point where the two circles intersect, so he smashes into the first piggy - it should also take out the one just below. Fire the second bird towards the upper left of the smaller circle, then tap the screen so it smashes into the first structure. That should start a chain-reaction that ultimately takes out every last piggy.

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-12
Fire the first bird so it just skims the bottom of the first circle and will rebound into the lower left piggy. Your second bird should be shot so that it lands just above the bottom pointed structure on the right-hand side of the screen, causing the whole thing to crash and burn!

Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper guide
Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper guide

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-13
A powerful lucky strike that's aimed to just skim the lower-left bubble is needed here, so as to set off a chain reaction that brings everything crashing down. Keep trying and you'll get it eventually!

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-14
To the right and below of the birds, there's a couple of chunky piggies on a bridge. Aim your first shot to take these two out. Now aim your second bird to hit the anchor at the top of the screen, to the right of the piggies in a boat. This will cause the boat to tip over and crash to the center of the screen, eliminating many piggies on its way! Launch your third bird and tap to the bottom left of the crashed boat to finish off the level.

Angry Birds Space update guide
Angry Birds Space update guide

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-15
Aim your first bird towards the green piggy hanging from a chain near the middle of the screen, then tap to have him head upwards towards the big fat piggy at the top. Launch the next bird at the remaining tower, and the explosion should also take out the pigs in the boat that's sitting on the surface.

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-16
Launch the first bird so that it hits the structure on the upper-right corner of the game area. Your next shot needs to skim the bottom of the outer circle so that it cleanly hits the bottom-right structure. If you've aimed this right, it will also take out the structure just above it, dropping the anchor onto the final piggy in the process!

Angry Birds Space pig dipper tips
Angry Birds Space pig dipper tips

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-17
You need to aim the first bird just below the bottom of the smaller circle, so that it rebounds off the crate and towards the pointy structure on the right of the screen. That'll take out that structure, and the one to the left of it too. Your next bird needs to pass just beneath the small circle so it obliterates the remaining structure sticking out of the left side of the planet.

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-18
Aim your first bird so it just skims over the head of the two piggies at the bottom of the screen. It should land just underneath the piggy in the middle of the left-hand boat. Fire your next bird at the piggy sitting at the top of the world. The chain-reaction will cause all of the remaining piggies to be finished off!

Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper cheats
Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper cheats

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-19
Send your first shot curving downwards to the right, passing right next to the wooden arrow that's near your birds. As he orbits around, he'll take out all but two of the green piggies. Send your second bird swooping up and to the left, then tap just beneath the uppermost piggy to send him straight towards the remaining two.

Pig Dipper Walkthrough Level 6-20
Your first shot should be aimed to arrive just beneath the yellow duck, then sent swooping across with a tap of the screen at the bottom of the right-hand structure. Next, launch the bird so that it skims the top of the left-hand tower and tumbles into the right-h and tower. With enough power, that will banish the rest of the piggies!

In creating this guide, we referenced YouTube user SnowmansApartment to help refine our solutions.

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